Fad or miracle diets are those that make unrealistic claims that aren’t supported by scientific evidence. Their popularity is usually driven by misguided mass media coverage, which creates hype for the newest cure-all solution.

These diets are usually characterized by highly restrictive or unusual food choices (1-3). They often make promises of quick and easy weight loss or other benefits without providing enough, if any, scientific support or reasoning (1-3).

Aside from the fact that these diets don’t always work, they are generally unsustainable in the long run and can cause unwanted side effects like loss of lean body mass, fatigue, moodiness, nausea, bloating, and constipation (1-3). Some diets even cause serious long-term health problems in exchange for short-term weight loss, such as cardiovascular and metabolic complications (4, 5).

The Two Components of the Isagenix System

Isagenix isn’t a fad diet because it doesn’t make unrealistic weight loss claims. The Isagenix System relies on an evidence-based, scientific approach for weight loss that’s comprised of both calorie restriction without undernutrition and nutritionally supported intermittent fasting.

There are two components to the Isagenix approach:

  1. Shake Days — calorie restriction through the use of scientifically formulated shakes.
  2. Cleanse Days — intermittent fasting approximately one day each week, and no more than four days a month, as part of a larger nutritional plan.

Scientific Support for Isagenix

To provide scientific validation, Isagenix invested in a series of clinical studies to test the Cleanse Day/Shake Day model for achieving healthy weight loss.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) researchers found that subjects on an Isagenix System lost more weight and body fat compared to subjects on a self-selected, whole foods-based diet after 10 weeks (6). Notably, the UIC study won an award for its novel design and use of MRI scans as a measure of visceral fat reduction in subjects (6). The subjects on the Isagenix System saw twice as much visceral fat reduction compared to those on the whole foods-based diet (6).

Building on the UIC results, Skidmore College researchers performed a two-part study comprised of an 11-week weight loss phase followed by a 52-week weight maintenance phase (7). Subjects using Isagenix products lost an average of 24 pounds and sustained their weight loss while improving their lean body mass percentage and cardiovascular health (7).

In short, people following an Isagenix System are better able to lose weight and keep it off long-term, and they tend to improve their overall health (6, 7). The system provides convenient, balanced nutrition, including quality sources of protein like whey for muscle maintenance, without creating uncomfortable changes in a person’s lifestyle (6-8).

Why Choose Isagenix Over a Traditional Diet?

It may seem easy to eat the right quantities of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins and minerals when there are so many tools and so much information at our disposal. However, according to consistent scientific reports, many people run into problems trying to attain sustained weight loss. The barriers to weight loss include attrition, oversized portions, poor food selection, social factors, lack of convenience, and more. The majority of those who do manage to lose weight on a diet usually regain their weight within the first year (9, 10).

Let’s face it: Most of us prepare menus intuitively and try to combine our family members’ preferences with our own. On top of that, many people don’t understand nutrition well enough to select balanced meals or lack the social support to help them achieve their goals.

Why IsaLean Meal Replacements Can’t Be Beat

The ease and convenience of Isagenix nutritional shakes and bars make for consistency in weight loss results. The UIC study demonstrated that people on an Isagenix System lose weight more consistently week to week as compared to those on a self-selected diet plan (6). The subjects also reported that weight loss was easier and more enjoyable with Isagenix, which is likely due to the variety of available flavors of IsaLean® Shakes and Bars (6).

Aside from Isagenix-related studies, the consensus in the scientific literature is that meal replacements are superior tools for weight loss. In a systematic review and meta-analysis, Oxford scientists found that weight loss programs incorporating meal replacements led to greater weight loss at one year as compared to other alternative diets not using meal replacements (11).

Fasting Before It Became a Fad

The rising popularity of intermittent fasting has made it a component of many fad diets. In part, this shift has been fueled by new advances in nutrition research demonstrating the effectiveness of intermittent fasting for weight loss, including those studies that have involved Isagenix products (6, 7).

To date, there have been few intermittent fasting regimens that have been adequately studied for long-term efficacy. Additionally, untested intermittent fasting regimens can involve dietary restrictions that lead to undernutrition from a lack of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, or polyphenols from fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Isagenix Is Time-Tested, Safe, And Here to Stay

Isagenix provides a scientifically based, sustainable plan for weight loss. It’s not a fad diet based on a single food item or the avoidance of a macronutrient or food group, nor does it involve starving for days without proper nutrition. It doesn’t involve making unrealistic or unsubstantiated goals. It doesn’t recommend or supply excessive amounts of any nutrient. And, it doesn’t involve use of laxatives or dangerous stimulants.

The Isagenix System is scientifically shown to be safe without the adverse effects generally associated with fad diets. Instead, it supports the body with proper nutrition and quality protein for muscle maintenance during weight loss. The system also provides fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and polyphenol-rich botanical components essential for the body’s health.

With a safe, scientifically supported, sustainable plan, Isagenix is a convenient weight loss solution for those wishing to stay away from fad diets.


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